Friday, 18 December 2009

Unbeweaveable Moment of the Week

Beverley Knight told the Daily Mail that she gets her "hair" cut every 2 weeks! Maybe she's wearing a wig in all the photos we see of her and cuts her real hair underneath?

Or maybe her natural hair just looks like this

Decide for yourself!

Monday, 7 December 2009


There's been a memo, sent to all at Alesha/Alicia HQ: brown is the new black. And I did it at the beginning of the year - don't I feel special?

This September Britain's former ethnic golden girl, Alesha showcased a new colour #2 flex.

Week 1 - I was unsure, a little bit 'getting wiggy with it' for my liking, too much of a nod to Beyonce and that. Weird side parting, a bit high on the crown of her head etc.

I missed the mid back length Ebony but come Week 2, Alesha's stylist brought it back and this look won my heart.

20+ inches of waved buffness.

Miss Keys however has deeply, deeply disappointed me - trading in her trademark black curls for a choppy and dry looking honey brown bob as seen on last week's X-Factor. I love the bob, in fact I ADORE it - Vidal Sassoon was a genius and it's a look that has stood the test of time but for me, nothing was ever going to top the black curls. They were super versatile and I died for them.

Yes, In the Rachel Zoe way.

From This:

To this:

Remember this?:

Gosh I love her.